My name is Amnon, and I’m an Embedded SW Engineer, specializing in embedded Linux. I studied electrical engineering at the Technion – The Israeli institute of technology, and I am working as a professional SW engineer for several years now.
I actually started programming at the age of sixteen, and it has always been a hobby of mine, among others – just to emphasize that despite this hobby, I do have a life 🙂

Many times, we get to learn a certain technical issue for a specific task, and at some point after we’re done, if not re-used, this knowledge seems to “fade”. That is, if you have to use this tool again, you’ll have to learn the specifics from new.
So this is why I named this blog “Notes on Low-Level Programming” – I will write here notes on topics that I have learned and don’t want to forget, or on topics that I would like to know more about.

I hope that others can benefit from this summaries as well – Otherwise I would have just use a notebook 🙂